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Experience personalized treatment and golf exercise plans tailored to address your unique needs and goals, allowing you to swing your most efficient swing possible.

Take control of your body and strive for consistency, longevity, and pain-free golf!


Chiropractic care

Dr. Cutler works with athletes and the general public who are dealing with pain or restrictions and are seeking relief. 

Dr. Cutler utilizes:

  • Soft Tissue Therapy
  • Active Release Technique (ART)
  • Manual Manipulation
  • Cupping Therapy
  • Graston Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Therapeutic Exercises
  • E-Stim Therapy
  • Heat/Ice
  • Normatec Compression
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Golf Performance

Personalized golf training programs for golfers of all skill levels, age levels, and goals. Incorporating specific exercise routines, along with chiropractic care and soft tissue therapy to provide maximal mobility, stability, strength, speed, and power for golfers.

  • Custom Golf Movement Assessment
  • Personalized Plan Tailored To Your Goals
  • Chiropractic Treatment and Specific Exercise Routine

Meet dr. zach cutler

Dr. Cutler works with Performance Chiropractic and is the full-time chiropractor at Family Golf and Learning Center located in Kirkwood, Missouri. Dr. Cutler is a former D1 collegiate golfer and played in the 2016 US Amateur. Dr. Cutler utilizes his chiropractic education, Titleist Performance Institute Certification, and his golf experience to provide the highest level treatment and training for his patients and golfers.

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what they are saying

Have worked with Zach to help address some mobility limitations and core strength along with helping improve my overall movement patterns including power and athleticism. Zach's knowledge and expertise have been evident throughout - I highly recommend Zach if you're looking to improve athletic performance or simply to feel better overall.
- Kerry Steach
Zach does an incredible both a chiropractor and trainer with exercise science training he has expertly guided me through both the rehabilitation of my injuries and provided me exercise regimens that help insulate me against further injuries. Also, as a former D1 golfer, he has provided me a golf-centric program to increase my strength, flexibility and conditioning. All of us middle-aged golfers need Zach!
- Terry Bader

frequently asked questions

No matter your age or skill level, golf-specific fitness training optimizes your body for golf. Leading to more mobility, consistency, and distance out on the golf course. More importantly, fitness training can help prevent injury.

GTI works with all ages and skill level of golfers. We work with golfers just picking up the game, junior golfers, high school golfers, collegiate golfers, and retired individuals wanting to take a few strokes off their score.

Yes! Dr. Cutler work treats golfers and the general public who are dealing with pain and want to find relief!